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About Us

Voice began in the mid 90s as a “meeting place” for those who were burnt out, tired, messed up, and needed something different and refreshing. What people found was a vibrant bunch of passionate worshippers and messages of hope, healing, and encouragement. It was, as many would come to say, “a cool drink of water in a dry land.” As our journey unfolded, we found a place in the woods – surrounded by 18 acres of beautiful trees, a stream, and open areas. This is where the Lord gave the leadership of the ministry a vision to establish a place that people could come and pray or worship at any time of the day or night. In 2003, we began the International House of Prayer-Michiana.

During this time, many facets of Voice Ministries were growing — from a food outreach, to a horse ranch, to inner healing ministry. The Meeting Place was going strong every Tuesday and the House of Prayer was being established. A church family started growing, and we began Voice Fellowship. From 2005-2017, we transitioned to several facilities, each of them being used for a specific season and purpose as we experienced the hand of God move greatly. In the midst of all of that, we have kept the Camp as a place of refuge and peace. It has been used for weddings, fellowship picnics, retreats, and continued inner-healing ministry.

We believe that God is calling us back to the Camp to remodel and add to it for the IHOPMichiana and offices. We believe that we have spiritual authority over property that belongs to us and desire to be together, in one place, doing what we know we are called to do — building a House of Prayer in Michiana. We know that God has put us here, in the middle of Michiana, to be a VOICE. A Voice of hope. A Voice of healing. A Voice of worship. A Voice that shouts the message that all of this is about Jesus, and that Jesus is coming back!